Why Choose Lépine

Building a Solid Investment in Our Community.

Our Community

The family’s principals of uncompromising quality and investment in the future of real estate have been their guiding compass while charting a new course for the home building industry. With over 60 years of construction history and more than 40 multi-residential properties, Lépine has led the way in creating a new standard of living, unique in today’s rental markets in Canada.

Lépine believes that when you build quality you build a solid investment. When living space is designed to reflect and connect with the beauty of the creation surrounding it, we are inspired to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Being active in nature and in the community fosters safe and respectful neighbourhoods. These communities provide the structure of socially strong and prosperous cities which are in turn the foundation of our great country.

Lépine is a family-run business which has built well over 10 million square feet of residential construction. We are well established as a premier builder and landlord in Eastern Ontario, and specialize in building premium, resort-style, multi-family apartment communities.


Lépine communities are filled with green-space, access to bike paths, social gathering spaces and much more! 

Green Space

Lépine’s contribution to the urban forest is evident from inside and outside of the surrounding community. The landscaping results in biodiversity, more sustainable indigenous plant species, reduced greenhouse gasses, and neighborhood beautification.

Active Living

Whenever possible, Lépine tries to select sites that provide easy access to parks and trails such as the TransCanada Trail and the Ottawa Cycling Path Network.

Neighborhood Amenities

Each site is carefully selected by Lépine for it’s proximity to resources needed for every day living by its’ residents. Enjoy quick access to major thoroughfares, bike or walk to shopping centers and grocery stores and easily find everything you need to live carefree.

Health & Wellness

At Lépine Apartments we design our communities with all aspects of our tenant’s lives in mind. Aside from comfort, offering our tenants exclusive access to state-of-the-art fitness centres, lounges and grounds is one way that we are able to encourage an environment that provides opportunity to enjoy life to its fullest.

Essential Ammenities

From the outside grounds that surround our buildings, to the interior finishes, woodwork and detailing… the quality that you’ll find in a Lépine apartment is the product of decades of industry practice, knowledge and expertise. We build strong, durable, green friendly, apartments in the communities that you call home.