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True to our family tradition, the Lépine experience is all about quality. From the foundation up, exquisite craftmanship is evident in every step of our project. With our buildings, you can feel safe knowing your home was built to the highest standards of comfort, design and sustainability. 

Lépine rental residences are built using stringent requirements for unmatched safety, quality, performance and environmental standards that exceed expectations. Lépine brings you home to best-in-class design and construction that withstands the stresses of time and the environment, for many generations to come. 

where to begin?

Every Lépine project has a starting point. From the first hole in the ground, to the last light bulb being installed; methodology combined with years of training and experience have allowed us to provide a superior product to people all across the City of Ottawa and its surrounding areas.

It is important to us that our tenants understand exactly why it is that our buildings are their best choice. We are very proud of our designs and invite you to learn more about them below.


the (structural) Concrete choice

Concrete is the primary construction material in every Lépine project, allowing us to design and engineer with precision. It also extends the buildings lifespan, is resistant to fire, provides great sound proofing quality and thermal conductivity.

sound proofing & Walls

A Lépine wall does more than limit sound; it also provides an additional layer of protection from the elements and in the unlikely event of a fire. Using our own engineering and design we exceed the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 50 in all of our buildings.

Our exterior materials such as precast panels ensure our high standard of quality and longevity in the exterior facades. They also are heavy duty, durable and non-combustable with excellent heating, cooling, vibration and sound insulation properties.

domestic water systems

Through our own engineering and designs we’ve developed superior domestic water systems that balance the temperature in the water loop and pump as it circulates through our buildings, providing quick access to hot water for all suites.


power distribution systems

Each Lépine building is served by its own, carefully engineered, power supply to ensure that each unit and every amenity is efficiently served. All of the main electrical rooms containing transformers are generally in unoccupied locations of the buildings, shielding residents from potential harm caused by EMR.

heating and cooling

We have an expectation that our residents will be comfortable at all times – warm in the winter, cool in the summer. Lower cost with minimal environmental impact is also top of mind. Our state-of-the-art heating and cooling plants are in every one of our buildings.

fire safety and compartmentalization

All Lépine buildings are designed in a series of self contained compartments, including each apartment, garages and common areas.

Monitored alarm systems and fire suppression systems combined with Lépine’s compartmentalization technology, ensures safety of all.

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