Hero's Ridge

Lépine Honours Canada’s Veterans in Partnership with the Ottawa Senators.

Our Beliefs

At Lépine, we have long invested in supporting our troops. In partnership with the Ottawa Senators, we proudly support Hero’s Ridge.  Through selfless commitment to duty, our Armed Forces lay their life and liberties on the line for the well being of their nation, and the world abroad.

This initiative allows a serving member or veteran to attend an Ottawa Senators home game in the show-stopping box “Hero’s Ridge”. 

Here the honoured guest is displayed on the big screen at center ice during first period. They are guaranteed a standing ovation and presented with a Senator’s Jersey as a parting gift. This event is of paramount importance to Francis Lépine, as he holds a tremendous amount of pride and gratitude in his heart for those who have put their very life on the line for a greater Canada.