Sustainable Impact

Upgrade your lifestyle by choosing to live in a Lépine apartment.

Our Beliefs

At Lépine, the design of all of our buildings follows logic and intent. With our 20+ years in the Ottawa Real Estate industry, in addition to learning from a separate operating business based in Montreal; we have over 70 years in the construction and real estate industry.

With the knowledge accumulated over the years, we design with purpose, the interior and exterior environment we are creating for the people inhabiting those units, and for durability. We want to create a product that is long-lasting and as best as we can for our country. Through years of continuous improvement, we have fine-tuned our formula to what it is today.


Lépine carefully selects the communities it builds in to ensure it can offer you all the comforts of access to city resources while enjoying the serenity that comes with luxury apartment rentals.

Enjoy quick access to major transit routes, bike path networks, shopping and essential services.


Sustainability and resiliency are two things that are very important for Lépine, and the reason why we do it is for the people.

Quality Construction

At Lépine, the building sites are designed in a way that is adaptable and resilient with duration in mind. We design our buildings to last centures and our interiors finish to last many decades.

Completely built out of concrete, our buildings are built to last!

Energy Modeling

Throughout the design process, our internal design team always keeps energy efficiency and system performance in mind. This is why energy modeling is done during the design process to enhance the building’s energy performance.

Concrete is Forever

There are many reasons why Lépine favours concrete construction instead of the alternatives. In practice, concrete is like a rock, so it has similar thermal mass properties which cause it to maintain a relatively constant temperature, and it changes temperatures slowly.


When designing, Lépine pragmatically looks for ways to provide hassle-free and convenient sustainability.

Cities of the Future

Lépine emphasises the need to align to the critical strategy of achieving higher residential densities in the development of cities that will be sustainable and resilitent throughout the 21st century and beyond.

Definition of Local

Lépine defines “local” differently for various materials or equipment inputs. For specialized building components, we look throughout North America for the most sustainable products.


Lépine properties maintain a balance of design with requirements to continue producing affordable liveable homes that are sustainable.

Essential Ammenities

Inclusive access to every day facilities.