Work From Home

Upgrade your lifestyle by choosing to live in a Lépine apartment.

Work Carefree

It’s long been our goal to build the best product we can, offering our tenants a luxurious, carefree lifestyle.  Our building materials, fixtures, and appliances, both interior and exterior are highly durable. We use proven technology in the design of our highly efficient heating and cooling systems to make working from home, a breeze.


With high ceilings, comparatively larger units and panoramic windows, Lépine rivals conventional apartment and condo living by offering a CAREFREE resort lifestyle. Benefit from state-of-the-art engineering as you rest comfortably in your individually compartmentalized apartment or at select locations, your Lounge, Games Room, Fitness Centre, Pool… they’re all an extension of your home.

From the outside grounds that surround our buildings, to the interior finishes, woodwork and detailing… the quality that you’ll find in a Lépine apartment is the product of decades of industry practice, knowledge and expertise. We build strong, durable, green friendly, apartments in the communities that you call home.