sustainability improves quality of life

The design of all of our buildings follows logic and intent. With the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years, we design with purpose; for longevity and durability. Through years of fine tuning we have evolved our formula to what it is today.   

Sustainability and resiliency are of utmoBuild to st importance at Lépine. We build for today and tomorrow. Our buildings provide a quality lifestyle in established communities. The landscaping and horticulture that surrounds are buildings in thought-out and designed to have maximum positive impact on our tenants and the environment.

efficiency, longevity & peace of mind

From the sites we choose to develop, to the products we use in our build and the environmental efficiencies that we implement – it is all done with one purpose…improving quality of life.


Our Beliefs

Build to last. By choosing superior building techniques and design practices we are ensuring the longevity of our buildings for generations to come. We want our product to be good for the environment today, and maintainable to achieve the same affect in the future. 

our design

We constantly balance our need for imiporved design with the requirement to continue producing affordable, livable homes. 

Our experience has taught us that we need both creativity and discipline in order to produce our quality. A quality that will last for centuries.

our buildings

We take great pride in our buildings and the importance of keeping them running efficiently, in a healthy environment; for centuries. Every decision that we make along the way is analyzed for both its short term and long -term advantages 

our urban forests

care and planting for our urban forests have been a Lépine famly tradition and this hobby has become a corporate value. Our well-landscaped communities provide healthy and comfortable homes for our residents, while also optimizing the efficient use of urban land, in turn restraining urban sprawl.

active living

In order to encourage an active lifestyle, whenever possible we try to select sites that provide easy access to parks and a trails. Year-round, our buildings offer our tenants the opportunity to have an active lifestyle through both our interior amenities and the exterior environments that surround them.

Achieving higher residential densities is a critical strategy in the development of cities that will be sustainable and resilient for decades to come. Apartment development reduces urban sprawl and when done properly; well designed and and built, it leads to the creation of highly sustainable and livable communities, interconnected with common green spaces, creating a more durable urban environment.

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