discover why less is more

Gaining the freedom to do new things, to see new places, to relax, to live the stress-free life you want and deserve, means finally getting the time and resources to do the things you’ve wanted to do for years. Such as, traveling, pursuing new interests or hobbies, or spending cold months in a warm place. 

A new home that fits your needs, coupled with a much healthier bank account, might be just what you need to get your NEW LIFESTYLE started. For a lot of people, of all ages, this means getting real about what we need to keep and what we don’t. Releasing some of the things that keep us held back, requiring a larger space and ultimately requiring more of your time. 

where to begin?

Parting with the treasures and mementos of a lifetime is a daunting task. Decreasing the amount of clothes in your closet, to what you actually wear is a challenge. But your NEW LIFESTYLE is all about the freedom to do you.  That’s going to mean letting go of possessions and things we hold ‘dear’, and welcoming and embracing the new found time, energy and finances you have, all thanks to your NEW, Lépine LIFESTYLE.


do the math

The cost of home ownership, even after years of owning your home, can be a constant burden. Unanticipated repairs, your utilities and chores, the list goes on. Ultimately, you’re choosing personal and financial freedom when you rent a Lépine apartment.

thinking about you

Your NEW LIFESTYLE is going to mean thinking about you and what you want, for you. It’s a hard thing to fathom right? What do I want to do today? What trip do I take this year? Do I swim before or after dinner? All of these will become your new personal “challenges” and there will be steps you’ll need to take, to get there. 

getting started

You’ve made the choice to move into a Lépine apartment. Congratulations, your on you way to your NEW LIFESTYLE! One of the keys to your new lifestyle will be minimizing the number of possessions you have to what you need –  the goal is to simplify to enjoy more of the things you want to enjoy. Ask us how we can help you plan for success!

you’ll want to come home

True to our family tradition, the Lépine Experience (Your New Lifestyle), is all about quality. We are certain that you’ll be happy doing the things you want to do, not the things you have to do. Lépine living means a Carefree lifestyle for you and all of your neighbors! We have the tools, knowledge, experts and networks to get you well on your way to your NEW LIFESTYLE!

Downsizing, rightsizing, whatever you call it…

At Lépine we know how overwhelming it all can be.  We understand that you’re going to need time, perhaps a helping hand or a gentle push in the right direction.  We are the trusted experts in Luxury Apartment Living and we invite you to let us know how we can help you reach your NEW LIFESTYLE.


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