The Floater Maintenance Technician – Live out position only.

Will work at multiple buildings on an as scheduled basis and will be responsible for day-to-day operation, monitoring and maintenance of the building under their charge, and their systems and equipment, to the standards directed by the Property Administrator. The Floater Maintenance Technician will also be a primary point of contact for tenant relations. As well as supervising the cleaners, The Floater Maintenance Technician may be required to oversee subcontractors for various services depending on the size and complexity of the building.

The Floater Maintenance Technician will be on a rotational schedule with on-call hours at the discretion of the Employer and will additionally involve special projects as assigned. They will be available during working hours 08:00 to 17:00 (this time will include time for breaks and lunch) – Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, they will be the prime contact for any building related issues, emergencies, or urgent cases; and will be required to be on-call and therefore expected to respond in such situations as such and should be prepared for occasional out-of-hours response. When not physically onsite, the Property Administrator is to be informed of means of contact.

Responsible to, and reports to, the Property Administrator.


Objectives and Outcomes

  • Provide safety, security, satisfaction, and a general feeling of well-being for people occupying the building.
  • The building will be maintained to the required standard and the expectations of the tenants and Lépine.
  • Tenants and other users of the building will receive professional and timely service.
  • Lépine’s investment in the property will be protected by ensuring that the structure is sound, and the electrical-mechanical equipment is operating as specified.
  • Formal and harmonious relationships with the tenants and visitors to the building will be maintained.

Team and Community

  • Form part of the Building and Tenant Management Team which also includes the Property Administrator and the leasing agent(s).
  • Develop good working relationships with other staff and contractors such as cleaners, groundskeepers, and other contractors.
  • Provide supervision, direction, and feedback as appropriate to cleaners, groundskeepers, other contractors.
  • Make the building ‘home’ and be part of the community of tenants, setting an example of a ‘good tenant’.
  • Get to know the tenants and so be able to identify or anticipate issues which can be raised with the Building Management team and be resolved as soon as possible.

Knowledge, Learning and Continuous Improvement

  • Be proactive in learning and knowing all aspects of the structure, layout, functions, processes, systems, and plant within the building as well as all appropriate safety and security considerations.
  • Building Link: Develop high level of capability in the BuildingLink system – and be able to use on both computer and mobile devices as required by the Property Administrator; this will be primarily to input and respond to maintenance requests.
  • Know how to use, care for and maintain all equipment, tools, supplies, chemicals and materials kept in the building.
  • Maintain inventory and reorder as required.
  • Ensure that proper security, storage and documentation is provided (eg WHMIS)
  • Become knowledgeable with the contents of the Property Management Manual and the Tenant Rules and Regulations, and by working with the Property Administrator be highly cognisant of the parts that pertain to the role of the Superintendent.
  • Attain and maintain all required (by Lepine (eg first aid) and legislation (eg AODA) certifications to carry out the role.

Routine Activities

Carry out all Daily Touch, Look, Listen and other scheduled maintenance activities: housekeeping, grounds-keeping and building systems and plant.

  • Update and record all activity and observation in BuildingLink (or other recording/logging system) as required by the Property Administrator.
  • Raise attention as appropriate to any ‘observations’ or incidents – being aware of whether they are Routine, Urgent or Emergency, act accordingly.
  • Where possible, deal with minor issues and observations on the spot; observe trends.
  • Prepare for annual or other regular externally provided inspections, recertification or maintenance events (eg preparation for annual elevator inspections).
  • Be prepared to deal with incidents if first person on the scene – know what to do.
  • Ensure vacant apartments are cleaned and maintained; keep them in a show-ready condition.
  • Ensure all tenant maintenance requests are recorded in BuildingLink (or other system), follow up and correct problems and work orders as directed by the Property Administrator.
  • Report any deficiencies in the building that you may observe or that are brought to your attention.

Move – Ins and Outs

Stay aware of move-in/move-out tenant schedule; prepare accurate incoming and outgoing apartment inspection reports:

  • Move-ins– ensure apartments are cleaned, elevators are ‘padded’, support tenant and movers as needed (guidance etc), ensure clean corridors and restore elevators after move-in
  • Move-outs– pre-move-out inspection to help tenants understand the standard required at move out and identify any areas of assistance needed, and move-out inspections.
  • Unit Turn-over– Clean, paint and complete repairs and, as necessary, assist to prepare costed work-plan after move-out to ensure the apartment is restored to show/move-in ready condition.

Safety, Security and Emergency

  • Respond to all emergencies, such as fire, flood, lack of heat, power failure and any issues considered emergencies.
  • Be aware of all valves and controls and their purposes so that they can be properly activated or turned off as required in the event of an emergency; this includes knowledge of, and appropriate use of, the Building Management System.
  • Maintain, close to the phone, a list of emergency numbers and the names of those persons to call for additional support.
  • Always inform Security / Concierge whereabouts and expected return time when leaving the site / building.
  • During the winter season, inspect the walks on a regular basis so that any hazardous conditions can be corrected as soon as possible – clear / apply salt / place warning signs etc as appropriate.
  • Understand and know how to test the fire alarm control system.
  • Inspect the fire safety equipment and information in the logbooks as required by the local fire codes.
  • Carry out Fire Drills when instructed by the Property Administrator.
  • Qualified to carry out first aid when necessary.


Job Category: Maintenance
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: General

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