Why More Homeowners are Choosing a Premium Rental Lifestyle

May 5, 2023

As the red-hot sellers market continues, it’s no surprise that homeowners are considering selling their longtime homes and exploring new living options.

Many empty nesters want to free themselves from the responsibilities associated with owning and maintaining a house without compromising their comfort and space. They are finding out that they have the opportunity to live somewhere that frees up their capital, and comes fully loaded with features and amenities that contribute to a carefree lifestyle. The market is waking up to the fact that renting in a premium rental community can be a favourable alternative to owning and maintaining a house.


Premium rental communities are offering young renters new found freedom as well. With no long term financial commitments, no condo fees, no maintenance and repair costs, no property taxes, and no mortgage interest, residents are able to invest their money wisely, save up, and be in control of their future without the worry of ever-increasing home expenses.

Retirees often want to avoid steep staircases and other physically demanding labour around the house. However, many are far from ready to sit still in a retirement home. They want lively and active lifestyles full of opportunities to live life to the fullest. Rental communities like Lepine Apartments offer accessible, and well-equipped bungalow-sized apartment homes that provide an elevated living experience, desirable for retirees, empty nesters, and young families alike.

Premium rental communities often have property features that provide comfort and convenience. At Lepine, residents have access to a fitness centre, indoor swimming pool, yoga studio, and gathering spaces including a reception hall, lounge, and outdoor terraces. Having access to these features not only benefits residents' lives but it also makes it easy to host family and friends with ease.

People often remark how they will miss their backyard when thinking about apartment living. Fortunately, apartment communities like Lepine are integrating greenspaces into their communities. Courtyards, gardens, and outdoor terraces equipped with gazebos, walking paths, benches, and barbecues makes it easy to spend time enjoying the outdoors. Residents can even putter around in one of the communal gardens to exercise their own green thumb!

Just because the kids have moved out of the neighborhood, doesn’t mean empty nesters have to. They’re able to stay in the neighbourhood they love, because Lepine is building premium apartment communities across Ottawa and the Valley. If they are ready for a new start, there are options to choose from whether it be an urban, suburban, or small-town setting. Long gone are the days when apartment living meant residing in busy downtown areas surrounded by noisy, traffic-filled streets.

Long extended vacations are a breeze in a premium apartment home. Property managers like Lepine have onsite maintenance teams who are responsible for maintenance and repairs, making it easy to lock up and leave. Upon return, residents are greeted by clean walkways with no snow build-up, freshly trimmed lawns, and neatly organized mail.

The ongoing construction of new premium apartment communities across the Ottawa region has given homeowners and home seekers a new lifestyle choice. Hundreds of apartments are being built and are move-in ready. You don’t have to wait for construction to be completed first. You can reserve your favourite apartment today and set a moving day that works best for you.

Visit LepineApartments.com or call 1-888-4LEPINE to discover your new lease on lifestyle in a quality apartment home.

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