resources and information

Making the decision to move and all of the steps that come along with that decision, can be extremely daunting and overwhelming for most. There can be a lot of unknowns. We understand the need to be transparent, knowledgeable, friendly and trust-worthy. Not only do we build the apartments that so many, call home; but we also manage the properties ourselves.  That’s part of the key to providing the best, carefree, lifestyle that we are so well known for. 

Rest assured that we want you to be confident and well informed in your decision to make your next move, to a Lépine apartment. We’ve put together information to help guide your decision and give you your first taste of the peace-of-mind that comes with living at a Lépine property.

built to last

Lépine brings you home to best in-class design and construction. Our buildings withstand the test of time for generations. We strive to build with the mindset of making a difference. Providing unmatched safety, quality, performance and standards to every project. The importance of air quality, water treatment, compartmentalization and environmental awareness is now, more than ever, at the forefront. For years, we have been building superior product, with no shortcuts. Our product is strong, durable, efficient and timeless. 

Often we aren’t aware of what’s behind the walls. The mechanics and engineering how the water flows, how is it so quiet in here? 


quality of life

Sustainability improves quality of life. Along with resiliency, building sustainable living spaces allows us to create a product that is not only good for the environment today, but also good for our future. Designing for today and tomorrow means we are always evolving and looking for ways to to be energy efficient and environmentally conscious, providing a positive impact on the environment and people that surround our communities.

The positive impact of providing a carefully refined environment to the interior and exterior of our communities is well known. Thorough processes and practices allow us to offer a peace of mind to our tenants that comes with leasing a Lépine apartment.


your new lifestyle

Perhaps you’re a young professional who doesn’t have the time to tend to the do’s that come with home ownership. Maybe you’re an ’empty nester(s) who now has more space than they need. Or perhaps you’re a young family who doesn’t wan’t the burden of home ownership.  The carefree Lépine lifestyle has been developed to provide a new, more comfortable and relaxed way of living. It’s an entirely new lifestyle. We’ve prepared a brochure to help you start the process of working towards your NEW LIFESTYLE, with informative tips and information on everything from letting go of the items no longer needed, to choosing a neighborhood and understanding the financial gain behind renting a Lépine apartment.