Valarie and Roger Frenette: Winners of the Normand Grand Prize Draw

June 29, 2023

Yesterday the winner of the Normand Grand Prize draw, Valarie Frenette came to the Normand to claim her prize. Their incredible prize is an all-inclusive weeklong vacation to the picturesque city of Halifax in Nova Scotia, arranged by Niche Travel Group. This exclusive package promises an unforgettable experience, complete with flights, accommodations, delectable meals, and captivating tours of Halifax’s most enchanting destinations.

Valarie and her husband Roger Frenette have much to look forward to as they embark on their dream vacation to Nova Scotia. The grand prize draw has gifted them with an all-inclusive package that ensures every aspect of their trip is taken care of, from round-trip airfare to top-notch hotel stays. “Roger is actually from New Brunswick, so every time we’ve been down east we’ve always said we’re going to do Newfoundland and Halifax in Nova Scotia, but somehow we never did. So this is amazing. I have so many places picked out!” says Valarie.

Valarie and Roger will have the opportunity to explore the vibrant Halifax Harbour and immerse themselves in its breathtaking views. A visit to the picturesque coastal village of Peggy's Cove promises to be a highlight of their trip, where they can enjoy its natural beauty. The Frenettes will also be treated to an unforgettable wine tour and they will have the chance to discover the rich brewing history of Alexander Keith's and enjoy a guided tour of the renowned brewery. An enchanting moonlight yacht cruise under the starry sky will be the perfect end to their Nova Scotia adventure, leaving lasting memories of their trip.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this prize is the dedicated team of professionals at Niche Travel Group who will ensure Valarie and Roger's trip is perfectly tailored to their preferences. The Frenettes can sit back and relax as the travel experts handle all the necessary arrangements. They can expect a truly personalized journey, with a designated budget allocated by Lepine to curate their experience.

While the vacation prize is undoubtedly exciting, Valarie and Roger have even more to celebrate. They are moving into the Normand in September, having recently sold their house nearby. “We love this area, so we roamed around here looking for a new place live last November,” says Valarie. “We fell in love with Lepine’s new Normand apartments because it’s the perfect size, the staff are very personably, and we know the area. The neighbourhood is wonderful.”

When asked what prompted the couple's search for a new place to live, Roger mentioned the age of their home and the increasing maintenance demands. “It was the yard, now tell the truth-” Valarie interjected playfully. Now, with their new apartment, they can bid farewell to mowing lawns and raking leaves. Instead, they will relish a beautifully landscaped backyard adorned with gardens and terraces.

The Frenettes are thrilled to have secured one of the two remaining two-bedroom and den apartments in the Normand. At close to 1400 square feet, their apartment offers plenty of natural light and an ambiance akin to a spacious bungalow.

During their initial exploration of the Normand, Valarie and Roger were swept off their feet by a couple residing in the building. This friendly encounter led to a full tour of the entire property, including the couple’s own two bedroom apartment home! The warm reception and the chance to meet potential neighbors further solidified the Frenettes' excitement about their new community.

Traditionally, Valarie and Roger spend the winters in Florida, renting a condo for up to three months at a time. However, the prospect of their new Lepine apartment home has sparked a desire to once again experience the winter months in Ottawa. They are contemplating staying put this winter, basking in the comfort and resort-like elegance of their Normand residence.

The next few months promise to be an exciting time for Valarie and Roger, as they plan their dream vacation and their move to a new lease on lifestyle at the Normand. You too, can discover the maintenance-free lifestyle and welcoming community at the Normand for yourself; simply book an appointment or walk in today!

Stay tuned for when we announce the winners of the Renfrew Open House draw in July! Lepine is also planning a Fall open house event for the Cristina in Smiths Falls, more details to come.

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