Beyond Concrete Jungles: Transforming Apartment Communities with Lush Green Spaces

July 21, 2023

City living has always been an attractive lifestyle for many people. Entertainment, accessibility, and work opportunities make city-living one of the most popular lifestyle choices. However, there is one common complaint amongst urban dwellers that makes rural living more tempting: greenspace.

Urban greenspaces like parks, courtyards, gardens, and forests are important, as they provide urbanites the opportunity for physical activities that reduce stress and support physical and mental health. Beyond active living, greenspaces help mitigate climate change by reducing the airborne pollutants common in urban spaces. Additionally, greenspaces provide an aesthetically pleasing environment that everyone can enjoy.


Premium apartment communities like Lépine Apartments understand the value of urban greenspaces for the environment and for the wellbeing of their residents. Which is why each community is landscaped with thriving green gardens and lively courtyards. Immediately upon arriving at a Lépine community, you find yourself greeted by big trees, vibrant orchards, and shrub-bordered pathways, complemented by flowing fountains and nearby ponds. You can hear birds chirping and rabbits playing in the shrubs while you spend time on the patio or take a stroll down the pathways. Capturing the beauty of these landscaped areas was made possible by implementing underground parking.

Underground parking allows for a more creative aesthetic in the design of apartment communities, optimizing its green space for residents and visitors to enjoy. The greenery consists of local native species that are able to thrive for as much of the growing-season as possible, maximizing the benefits. With large, older trees incorporated into the landscape, the visual impact is strong, and instead of being met with a gray parking lot, you’re met with a stunning display of greenery.

Landscaping not only enhances the beauty of a community but it also contributes to sustainability. To list a few examples, landscaped areas increase biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gasses, promote indigenous plant species, and mitigate the heat island effect. When landscaping is carefully planned and executed like this, it helps to meet the needs of residents, contribute to the overall enhancement of the neighbourhood's open spaces, and aid in the battle against climate change.

The Lépine staff takes pride in maintaining the grounds, while also encouraging residents to exercise their own green thumb. Not only does gardening provide a sense of ownership and contribution to the spaces surrounding your home, but it is also mentally and physically rewarding. Gardens are an extension of your home, and we want residents to feel that they can plant and nurture the personal gardens on the grounds, or atop the rooftop terraces; a prime location for planters, pots, and vases. In the warmer months, these rooftop terraces serve as a multipurpose space, where you can gather with friends and family for a barbeque or simply relax and sunbathe.

For those who have owned a home for many years, or are looking to purchase in the future, the richness and diversity of apartment communities like Lépine can go a long way in easing the transition to premium apartment living. An attractive component of home ownership is often the outdoor space that backyards, and large properties provide. With apartment communities that integrate greenspace into their design and provide opportunities for residents to connect with nature, there is no need to compromise on space and comfort.

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