Built to Last. Built for Life

March 2, 2023


Lepine’s premium apartment homes are built and designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind. Expert builders and engineers are constantly improving their methods and incorporating the latest in construction technology to set a new standard of rental living in Ontario.

Lepine has built rental communities in long-established neighbourhoods like Kanata, Barrhaven, Carleton Place, Renfrew, and with more to come. This next generation of new apartment housing options optimizes use of public facilities and services, and provides an opportunity for people to stay in the neighbourhoods they love without having to own a house there.

When you choose a Lepine community you can rest assured that your home has been constructed by expert builders who ensures uncompromising safety, quality, and performance. Our long term goal is to build strong, durable communities that have the potential to last for centuries. This is why concrete is by far the most favoured construction material for our communities.

While living in a Lepine home, you reap the immediate benefits from the use of modern concrete construction. Concrete has exceptional temperature regulation and acoustical properties so you can enjoy consistent interior temperatures in a quiet, peaceful environment. Concrete is also fire-resistant, energy efficient, and stands the test of time, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable home for you.

It's important for any apartment home to have the proper insulation, especially during Ottawa’s winter seasons. Based on research and experience, we found that soy-based insulation foam is the top choice when it comes to maximizing comfort and saving energy. A seamless aire-barrier along the entire perimeter ensures zero air leakage so residents can stay warm and cozy during the winter months, and cool in the summer.

Windows are the weakest thermal barrier in any home. Lepine overcomes this by using 6mm pieces of glass, striking a balance between glazed surfaces and solid walls, instead of the standard 3mm that can cause cold drafts in the winter. These decisions are all made with the goal of reducing heating and cooling demands while still preserving our resident's comfort.

Good air quality is another fundamental in the building and design process. Lepine is equipped with the latest in sustainable air handling technology, ensuring the best for our residents. Your suite has its own fresh-air intake and is vented directly through to the exterior, resulting in no air transfer from one unit to another, so you feel safe, comfortable, and healthy.

Through every step in the design process, Lepine is constantly thinking of ways to conserve energy while never compromising comfort. Economising water and energy consumption is important at Lepine so each apartment home is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting. You can enjoy bright, clear lights while saving a lot of money on your energy bill. Managing water consumption is made possible by using WaterSense® water fixtures wherever available. Our heating systems feature low emission, high efficiency boilers that reduce the building's greenhouse gas emissions output.

As we look to the 21st century and beyond, premium rental living properties like Lepine Apartments are working to reduce the challenge of urban sprawl. Unchecked low-density urban development has resulted in high infrastructure costs, increased air pollution, wasteful consumption of resources, heavy financial burdens on governments, severe public health problems, and greater social isolation. At Lépine we believe achieving higher residential densities is important for the development of sustainable and resilient cities.

Lepine continues to make conscious efforts to maximize energy efficiency and positively contribute to our environment, through major decisions like building materials to smaller choices like water fixtures. We continue to welcome like-minded people who seek a lighter pace of life through elevated rental living while positively impacting the environment by making energy conscious decisions.

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