Sarah's Story of Freedom and Flexibility at Lepine

July 10, 2023

When Sarah first set out on her own, the social pressures to buy a house were immense. It seemed like homeownership was the ultimate goal, acting as a symbol of stability and future financial success.

More young people have begun to question this narrative, including Sarah.

The idea of freedom, flexibility, and the ability to live somewhere that aligns with your values and aspirations has become increasingly attractive.

While searching for alternatives, Lepine Apartments piqued Sarah’s interest. With a soft-sell approach, quiet luxury, and strong attention to customer care, Lepine was able to provide a breath of fresh air to those looking for a valid alternative to homeownership. One person that Lepine captivated was Sarah, who now leases a one-bedroom apartment with a den at The Normand, one of Lepine’s Kanata communities.


The vibrant community made Sarah feel the sense of belonging and connection that she was looking for, as all new residents are warmly welcome by their neighbhours and the Lepine customer service staff.

When choosing an apartment community, there’s no promise that you will get everything you ever dreamed of, but you are able to avoid the shackles of a mortgage, the weight of unexpected expenses, taxes, and the financial stress that comes with owning a home. Instead you can celebrate the simplicity and freedom of apartment living. Your time is a valuable resource, and living in a Lepine community means you can invest your time in the things that truly matter, like your health and wellbeing.

Lepine residents can participate in the aqua fit club, exercise at the fitness centre, and explore the outdoor green spaces that surround your Lepine community. When you’re not working out, you can work from home in the built-in home office, designed for a comfortable and efficient work from home environment.

Travelling is simple while living at Lepine, with the peace of mind knowing that your car is safely tucked away downstairs, and your home is taken care of by Lepine’s dedicated team.

Perhaps the most profound impact of choosing a Lepine apartment is clarity. Rather than dedicating your time and resources into a house, you’re able to direct your energy towards personal growth, education, and pursuing your goals and career.

If you’re like Sarah, you understand that wealth isn’t always something that can be measured by numbers on a balance sheet. Wealth can be found in the richness of experiences and the depth of the connections you make along the way. Sarah has found everything she needs in her new home at The Normand, she has found a place to call home and the freedom and agility to forge her future.

Whether you’re looking for a stepping stone while you save and plan, or are ready to put the hassles of homeownership behind you, Lepine apartments offer a new way of rental living. People of all life stages can feel at ease knowing that there are alternatives out there, and ones without the need for compromise.

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